Tips to Speed Up Your Computer At Home

Tips to Speed Up Your Computer At Home

Tips to Speed Up Your Computer At Home


Use a Free Computer Tune-Up Software

One of the best ways to speed up your computer is to use a tune-up utility such as CCleaner. CCleaner has many features that allow you to optimize your computer for maximum efficiency. 


How to use CCleaner to optimize your Mac or PC

ccleaner tune-upDownload and install CCleaner for free from their website Once CCleaner is opened click on the “cleaner tab” and at the bottom right click “analyze”. Once the program is done analyzing your computer for junk, click “run cleaner”. This will remove any junk on your computers such as built up cache, and system temp files which take-up free space.


Remove Start-up Programs in CCleaner

remove start up programs on ccleaner

Next, it’s time to remove start-up programs. When you download programs, a lot of them, by default, automatically start when you turn on your computer. If a bunch of programs are starting at the same time you turn on your computer, it will dramatically slow it down. To stop programs from starting up when you turn on your computer you can use the CCleaner startup tab. This can be found on the left panel by clicking on “tools” and then clicking on “startup”. Once you are in the start-up tab, you can click on the programs you want to remove, and on the right-hand panel click on “remove”. This will start the programs from starting up when you turn on your computer. Tip: you can remove all startup programs in Windows and Mac without damaging anything, and it is good to remove everything from startup. 


Uninstall Bloatware and Unused Programs

HP computer bloatwareUninstalling programs that are unused, uninstalling bloatware from computers is important to speed up your computer. Mac does not come with much bloatware which is why many people like using them. Windows computers, on the other hand, come with a lot of bloatware. For example, HP computers will come pre-installed with HP software they are useless and clunky for the operating system. You can delete these junk programs within CCleaner. 

ccleaner uninstall programsAgain we can use CCleaner. In the left panel, you can go to “tools” and then click “uninstall”. In the uninstall section you can uninstall the bloatware, and any unused programs. 



Cleaning Google Web Browser

Another way to speed up your computer, especially when browsing the web is to delete any unused web browser extension. Web browsers can vary such as google chrome, safari, internet explorer, Mozilla fox, etc. But the concept is all the same. When you download programs a lot of the times the program automatically adds a browser extension that will clog up your browser and often cause popups to constantly happen. In order to delete the browser extension that you don’t use, go to “More tools” and click “extensions”. In the extension tab, you will see all the extensions you have downloaded. Now you can delete them one by one to clean them up.

Switching To A Solid State Drive

Most computers these days still come with a traditional hard drive. Hard drives have a spinning disk that a laser pointer reads data from. The disk needs to get to a certain speed for the laser pointer to read all of your data from, and this is naturally slow. Solid-state drives are a new generation of storage. They do not work with spinning platters, they work with flash storage. Your computer will be able to access data almost instantaneously which will result in a computer that is 10x faster and much more reliable. Solid-state drives are the ultimate upgrade for any computer. If you do not feel comfortable installing a solid-state drive into your computer and cloning all of your data over to it. CellTech is a professional computer repair company in East Brunswick NJ.

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