Professional iPhone Back Glass Repair

iPhone Back Glass Repair For All Models

We repair the back glass on all iPhone models such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, and XS Max. We use a laser machine to replace the back glass to offer high quality back glass repairs, at a very affordable rate. Apple charges hundreds of dollars for this repair. Our back glass replacements only take 1 – 1.5 hours!

Why is the laser machine better than other repair options? iphone back glass repair on laser machine

There are three ways to repair the back glass on an iPhone.
1. The first option is to heat the back glass with a heat gun and rip the glass off. The glass is held on with extremely strong glue, and requires upwards to 450 Celsius to melt. This is awful for the phone, and can damage internal parts. Not only is it bad for the internal components, the repair never comes out right because it is very difficult to get rid of all of the glue on the frame for the new glass to sit. 
2. The second option is to replace whole metal frame on the phone. This option is very expensive, and time consuming. To replace the metal frame on an iPhone you need to remove all the internal components of the phone, and swap it over to a new frame. Frames are very costly, and repair shops need to charge $150 – $300 to cover their labor and part costs. Not only is it costly and time consuming, you are always going to get an aftermarket metal iPhone frame, not an original which can cause defects in the future.
3. The third option is using a laser machine like we do at CellTech. Most shops do not want to invest in this expensive equipment, but we believe it is essential to the future of iPhone repairs. The laser machine disintegrates the glue under the back glass, and allows us to safely remove the glass and replace it with a brand new one. This option is great because we do not have to take the iPhone apart at all. The laser removes all of the glue on the frame so the new glass can sit perfectly on the frame. Not only is it a better repair than the previous options, but is also cost effective for our customers because of the lower part costs. Our iPhone back glass repairs only take about 1 – 1.5 hours after drop off.

Is the laser machine safe to use on an iPhone?

Yes! We use special software with the laser machine that precisely cuts around the pre-cut holes on your iPhone frame. The laser will never touch any internal components of your iPhone. 

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