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CellTech has the skills and the tools necessary to recover data from failing hard drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, cell phones, and tablets. We have special equipment from companies such as DeepSpar, which allow us to recover data from even the most failed hard drives. Not many computer repair shops have expensive data recovery tools that we have. We can recover your lost pictures, document files, business files, and more. Contact us today to learn more! 732-387-8838

rapidspar data recoveryData Recovery Software vs DeepSpar Data Recovery Tools

Software that you can buy online for data recovery is usually not powerful enough for hard drives that have failed, and can potentially damage your hard drive if you allow the software to run too long. A lot of the time regular Windows software won’t even recognize your hard drive or will fail during the recovery process. This is where our DeepSpar tools come in handy. Our data recovery tools allow us to stabilize your hard drive, and recover your data safely and quickly before your hard drive fails beyond recovery. Contact our New Jersey data recovery facility today to learn more!

Free Data Recovery Diagnostics

Contact us for a free data recovery diagnostic! We won’t charge you until we know for sure that we can recover your data. You can mail your hard drive into our store, or drop it off at our facility. 

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