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Old Bridge NJ Computer Repair Services

Hello Old Bridge NJ! Are you searching for a reliable computer repair company that you can count on? We know there may be a lot of choices for computer repair in the Old Bridge area but there are very few that can say with confidence that they have strong core values, and are highly experienced in the computer repair field.

We offer the best quality computer repair service in your area. We are only a few miles away from Old Bridge NJ if you would like to drop off your computer for diagnostics.

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Old Bridge Computer Repair Service You Can Trust 

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best computer repair services, with upfront and fair pricing. All repairs are diagnosed first and require approval before we proceed with the repair. We have decades of combined IT experience and have strong core values.

All of our computer repair quotes are fair and honest and are broken down to be understood with no confusions. You won’t find a better computer repair company in the Old Bridge NJ area

Our Customers on Google

I read very good reviews on this repair shop which is why I brought my old iMac in for repair. The first attempt at installing a new hard drive didn't remedy the issue but they realized it actually needed a video card. While waiting for the video card to arrive, they loaned me a Dell desktop so I wouldn't be without a computer. A gesture I really appreciated it. Once the part came in, I had my iMac back in my house the next day. The computer is as fast and responsive as the day I bought it in 2008! Wonderful job by Robert and Joe. I will definitely recommend their services to friends and family.

Quality Old Bridge Computer Repair Services

We understand that when you invest money into fixing your computer, it should last. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality OEM parts on the market. The parts we use for screen repairs, trackpad repairs, hard drive repairs, and everything in between are done with quality parts that will ensure a long-lasting repair. Not only do we use quality parts, but also all repairs come with a 90-day warranty that covers our parts and our workmanship. But rest assured, because warranty repairs are very rare. 

Fast Computer Repair ServiceOld Bridge NJ Computer Repair Services

Unlike the Bix box retailers, we are dedicated to providing quick and efficient computer repairs. We understand that when your computer is down it can be devastating, especially in this fast-paced world. Our computer repair services generally take about 24-74 hours from the time you drop it off to the time you get it back. We take pride in our turnaround time and also offer different rush services to get your computer back up and running.

On-Site Computer Repair Services In Old Bridge NJ

Are you looking for a qualified computer repair technician to come out to your home or business? We offer on-site service covering all of  Old Bridge NJ. Our on-site IT services range from fixing dead spots in your home, fixing networks that decided to crash, on-site diagnostics, and much more. 

Common Computer Repair Service 

Mac Repairs – We offer quality Mac repair services for products like MacBook and iMacs. A qualified Mac repair technician can be hard to come by. We specialize in Mac repairs and offer full-range service. 

Data Recovery Services – CellTech provides data recovery and disaster recovery services for computers. If your hard drive fails, or your computer gets a virus, we can have your data recovered to a safe place and get you back up and running. 

Directions From Old Bridge NJ

If you are visiting our store from Old Bridge NJ, we are only about 10-15 minutes away! You can take route 9 south, and make a right onto Old Bridge Matwan Road. You will take Old Bridge Matawan road all the way to main street, and on main street make a left. Then take the main street about 2 miles down and we will be on the right across from the used car lat, and fire department, 482 main street.

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