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iPad Repair

CellTech is the best place to go for iPad repair. Broken iPads are all to common in todays modern world, and god forbid you ever break your iPad, or if you have a broken iPad right now, we have you covered with the most affordable prices, and the best customer service you could imagine. We treat our iPad repairs as if it were our own, and this is what separates us from our competition. CellTech is dedicated to quality and assurance for all iPad repairs.

iPad Screen Repair

ipad screen repair

iPad screen repairs take about an hour after you drop it off to our store. We stock every iPad screen in our store, so you can get your iPad screen repaired the same day you contact us. 

iPad screen repair is the most common repair out of our list of iPad repair services. If your iPad screen is cracked and the touch no longer works, don't worry you just need the screen replaced because the touch sensors are glued to the back of the glass on iPads. This means that if you break the glass on your iPad you have a very high chance of damaging the touch sensors. Under the glass/touch sensors there is the LCD. The LCD is what creates all the colors, and picture on the iPad. If you break this then it is a little more expensive to repair because now we have to replace the glass/touch sensor, and the LCD, which is two separate pieces. 

iPad Battery ReplacementiPad Battery Replacement

Batteries are a huge problem in todays world. When your iPad begins to lose battery life quickly, it may be time to get an iPad battery replacement. iPad battery replacements generally take about an hour after you drop it off. All of our iPad batteries com with a 3 month warranty. We use the highest quality batteries on the market which meet OEM standards.