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Most computers either desktop or laptop are sold with a hard disk drive, or a hard drive. At CellTech Repairs, we are well versed in hard drive replacement. Hard drive replacement is the most common computer repair because they are prone to fail easily. A hard drive works by using a series of magnetic platters where data is written and read from by a mechanical arm called an actuator. Before the disks can be read, they must first reach a certain repetitions per minute or RPM. This is why it is common that you will see a hard drive listed with 5400 RPM, or 7200 RPM. The controller of the hard drive is located on the outside and called the Hard Drive PCB or Hard drive printed circuit board. With all of these many moving parts in motion, combined with the fact that your hard drive is the most constantly worked component of your computer, leads to hard drive failure. If your hard drive fails we offer professional data recovery services.

What Does Cloning My Hard Drive Mean?

Cloning a drive means to make an exact copy of a drive and put it on another drive. Why is cloning a drive handy? Let us use an example: say your hard drive is running out of disk space and you need to upgrade your store capacity. We can buy you a drive with more storage on it and then clone your old hard drive to it. This will ensure that you lose no data and you get the benefit of more storage. Cloning keeps all programs, and data intact. If your are looking for a professional computer repair shop near me, contact us today!

Oh No! My Computer Wont Start, And I Need My Data!

CellTech understands how important your data is no matter if you are a business, or a college student. CellTech can extract data from a failing hard drive and transfer it to another drive for safe keeping. All of our clients data is handled with discretion in mind. We only store data for our clients for a few days, once the data is moved back into our customer’s possession, all of their data is purged in our systems. We also offer tips and services to our customers for backing up their precious data and storing it safely just in case of catastrophic failure.

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