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Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phones have revolutionized the way we compute. We are able to interact with one another in an instant. We have almost everything we need at the tips of our fingers and when your cell phone is damaged it can be nerve wracking. At CellTech we are dedicated to relieve as much down time as possible for our customers by offering same day, in-house, cell phone repair.

Common Cell Phone Repairs:

  • iPhone Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Repair

  • LG Repair

  • Google Pixel Repair

The first cell phone was invented on April 3, 19732 and it absolutely revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. In today's fast paced world could you imagine living without a cell phone? Without the cell phone’s GPS navigation apps and accessibility to text messaging and phone calls it is nearly impossible to navigate your way around today’s landscape. If you break your cell phone, it can be devastating and CellTech’s technicians are on standby in order to bring your broken cell phone back to life. CellTech specializes in cell phone screen repair, cell phone charging port repair, and cell phone battery replacements. CellTech can have your cell phone fixed and back up and running in as little as a half hour after you drop it off to one of our facilities.

Cell Phone Repair Services:

  • Cell Phone Screen Repair

  • Cell Phone Battery Replacement

  • Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

  • Cell Phone Camera Repair

  • Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

  • Cell Phone Data Recovery

Cell Phone Screen Repair

Cell phone screen repair has not always been the biggest problem with cell phones. It was not until cell phones started housing large all glass LCD displays. The revolution of all glass cell phone screens caused a major problem for cell phone consumers. Cell phone users found out that the newer all glass smartphones were fragile and would break from even the simplest of drops. There was not a quick and professional way to get your cell phone fixed and this is where CellTech came into play. CellTech stocks a large variety of cell phone screens, and all cell phone screen repairs are fixed in house in-house by one of our qualified technicians. If you ever need your cell phone repairs don't hesitate to contact CellTech today for a price quote.

Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

Cell phone charging ports are fragile and need to be services very often. Cell phones are constantly being unplugged and plugged into the charging port which can wear the charging port cause catastrophic failure. Cell phone charging port repair is one of CellTech’s most common repairs. CellTech stocks a large variety of charging ports for repair, and all repairs in done in-house. Charging port repairs generally only take about a half hour to replace after the device is dropped off to one of our facilities.

Cell Phone Battery Replacements

Cell phone batteries have a lifespan just like any other battery in an electronic device. Cell phone batteries generally last about 2 year before they need to be replaced. The reason that batteries only last 2 years is because the cells in the battery begin to wear down after being charged and discharged so many times. After the cells in a battery wear out they cannot be repairs, the entire battery needs to be replaced. CellTech stocks a huge variety of cell phone batteries, and all cell phone battery replacements are done in-house. Cell phone battery replacements repairs are done in as little as 15 minutes after drop off. Visit CellTech today for a quick and professional cell phone battery replacement!

Cell Phone Camera Repair

Cell phones have not only changed the way we communicate with each other, they have also changed the way we do photography. Cell phone cameras have become extremely efficient. Most people in today’s world only use their phone to capture the most important moments in the life. When your cell phone camera breaks it can be devastating. CellTech has repaired and uncountable number of cell phone cameras,. Cell phone cameras generally only take about a half hour to repair after they are dropped off to one of our facilities.

Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

Cell phone ear speakers are extremely fragile, and they are one of the most important parts in a cell phone. The ear speaker in a cell phone controls the sound that allows you to hear someone talk on the other line of your phone. If your ear speaker in your cell phone becomes muffled, or stops working all together is can be extremely annoying because you would need to put people on speaker phone all the time in order to hear them. CellTech can fix your cell phone ear speaker in as little as 30 minute in-house.

Cell Phone Data Recovery

Cell phones capture consumers most important moments and stores them on such a fragile piece of equipment. Most people carry their cell phone everywhere they go which drastically increases the chance of someone being damaged on their cell phone. If your cell phone breaks and their is important informations on it, it can be nerve wracking. We always tell our customers to make sure their data is backed up just in case of a disaster. If you did not backup your information on your cell phone CellTech offers a cell phone data recovery service. CellTech can extract all of your important information on your cell phone and put it in a USB drive for safe keeping. If you need cell phone data recovery contact us today for a quote.  

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