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Cell Phone Repair Service

Cell phone repair amounts for the majority of our repairs in our store at CellTech. Cell phones are literally an extension of ourselves now, and if it ever breaks it can be extremely devastating. If you have broken your cell phone and are in this situation right now, do not panic because we have you covered. We can have you cell phone back up and running in as little as 30 minutes!

We are masters when it comes to cell phone repair. We repair cracked screens, batteries, charging ports, broke buttons, water damage, and more. If you have a broken cell phone, give us a call or walk into our store - no appointment needed. We will give you our honest opinion if your cell phone is worth fixing. Our cell phone repair prices are extremely affordable.

Cell Phone Screen Repaircell phone screen repair

Cell phone screen repair is the most popular repair we offer when it comes to cell phones. Cell phone screens are so fragile in todays world because they are made of glass. One simple drop to the ground and your cell phone screen will crack. It only take a small drop to break your cell phone screen, and we have you covered.

CellTech offers the most affordable cell phone screen repair around. Not only is our cell phone repair service affordable, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty, and the best customer service you could ask for. Cell phone screen repair generally takes about 30 to repair after you drop it off, depending on which cell phone you have.

Cell Phone Battery Repaircell phone battery repair

CellTech is your number one place for cell phone battery repair. We can replace your cell phone battery in 15 minutes after you drop it off. Cell phone batteries only last a few years due to our current technology, batteries have a short lived life, but it is an easy fix. All of our cell phone batteries meet the OEM standard, which means that they will be as good as your battery when you first got our cell phone.